Pierre Poilievre During Interview

Apple Munching Interview

On October 18, 2023, Pierre Poilievre, a conservative luminary, shared footage of his recent interview amidst the apple trees of Penticton, British Columbia. Here's the fun part: while most politicians might be formal during interviews, especially when seen as the potential next prime minister of Canada, Poilievre took a relaxed approach. As Don Urquhart, the chief editor of Times Chronicle, quizzed him, Poilievre casually munched on an apple, making it look like a casual chat rather than a political discourse. The video, cheekily captioned "Qu’est ce que tu dis de ça?" (or "What do you say about that?"), has raked in over 2.5 million views on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), and it's still the talk of the town. The humor here is in the juxtaposition: a potential future leader, answering serious questions, all while nonchalantly enjoying an apple as if he's just chatting with a friend. It's a refreshing and humorous break from the usually stiff political interviews.

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